Austin ISD Parent Engagement & Support Office

The Austin ISD Parent Engagement and Support Office provides support to Austin schools in the area of parent engagement and communications. In addition, the Office provides coordination and support to the Austin ISDs campus-based Parents Support Specialists. Click here for more info on Parent Support Specialists.

The primary goals of the Austin ISD Parent Support Office are:

•Family Engagement
Promote, facilitate and develop parent/family engagement in Austin schools. This includes building capacity for parent leadership, working with staff and community groups to engage and support parents, and identifying resources for parents and families.
(AISD Strategic Plan #2.2, 2.3)

•Communications and Outreach
Develop and conduct outreach channels, procedures and campaigns to connect Austin ISD schools to families and community organizations.
(AISD Strategic Plan #2.1)

•Parent Education
Develop programs and tools that help families strengthen student performance and navigate AISD schools. This includes opportunities and vehicles for parent information (e.g. parent workshops, successful parent/teacher conferences, Family Resource Centers).
(AISD Strategic Plan #2.3)

•Professional Development
Support and coordinate professional development in the area of parent / family engagement and provide guidance and support to all Austin ISD staff working with parents.
(AISD Strategic Plan #2.3)

Scope of Work / Impact

PTA Development
The Parent Engagement & Support Office promotes, facilitates, troubleshoots and organizes functioning Parent / Teacher Associations (PTA) in Austin schools.  Since 2011, 100% of Austin schools have formed or maintained PTAs.
AISD Family Resource Centers
The Parent Support & Engagement Office coordinates partnerships with six AISD Family Resource Centers (FRC) located at select middle and high schools.

Parent Support Specialists
The Parent Support & Engagement Office guides and supports Parent Support Specialists (PSS) based at 74 schools. This includes providing staff development, programming, human resources support and community engagement coordination.

Special Education - Family Support
The AISD  Special Education Family and School Support Team (FASST) works in the Parent Engagement & Support Office to support families of students receiving special education services. FASST hosts meetings and support events to field family concerns and link families to District and community resources.

Parent  and Staff Workshops
The Parent Support & Engagement Office provides and coordinates workshops for parents and campus staff.  In 2012-13, over  25 True Color workshops  were conducted by the staff and over 200 parents participated in “Parenting with Love and Logic” mini sessions conducted district wide.

Connecting AISD To Families - “Family-Friendly” Consultation
The Parent Support & Engagement Office provides AISD departments and organizations family-friendly consultation, logistics, outreach and planning for community engagement efforts and events. This includes organization and outreach for the AISD African American Parent Involvement Conference, La Feria de Aprender, AISD bond outreach,  AAFR community input, school parent transition programs, Special Education Parent Forum and Dual Language Parent groups.

Conduit for Non-Profit Organizations / Partners
The Parent Engagement & Support Office  establishes relationships with local and national non-profit organizations and service providers, serving as a conduit to the AISD community. With collaborative planning, outreach, coordination and guidance, the office maximizes the reach and efficacy of resources.